Thursday, May 01, 2008

Woah....long time no posty

A month between posts. Wow. SO much for trying to top out my post count from last year. However, with this, i guess its quanity over quality. Ive had this blog for years now, and it has gone through many iterations of usage. I originally used it as a "dear diary" of sorts, recapping what i did during the day in college. However, realizing that reading that was about as boring as watching dry paint get drier, i started doing less frequent posts about more important aspects of my life. Who am i? What do i do? What is important to me? What do i think about. Lately...i just havent felt like writing about this. Ive slipped back into a more introspective/introverted funk. What is the root cause? I honestly dont know.

Sure, i was back in the hospital again. Easter sunday, i felt another kidney stone passing. Not fun. It hurt, dont get me wrong, but i knew it was coming, since the doctor told me i had a 90% chance of getting another stone in 6-8 months after i had my first one. Spent a few days in pain and finally thought it passed. The thursday evening after easter, i started feeling really sick. Finally after sleeping all day friday, saturday morning i was feeling horrible, fluish. Called my dad, took me to the emergency room...and low and behold, it was another kidney infection/UTI. Fevers spiking almost to 104 and crap. I was in the hospital from saturday through tuesday. Not fun. I guess i havent really felt about writing about it cause its just BS. Not looking for pity or sympatny, it just sucked.

Things at work havent been real pretty either. Just went through a round of layoffs and i lost some good friends, including by best friend here at work. Joe is a good dude, and im sure hell find a new gig, but good lord did he get screwed. Seems all the good guys get screwed or leave, starting to wear on me. Im not big on bitching about work on her, mainly cause i dont know who does and doesnt read this, but its just a depressing time.

Yeah, still play too much WoW. Its my social outlet. Got good friends who play, especially some friends from college who play too. Its good to keep in touch with them. Do i sacrifice RL opportunities to do stuff in WoW? Probably. Do i care? No. Friends are friends. Putting labels on them as "not real life friends" just because we dont go to a bar in person doesnt mean shit. Im getting a bit tired of that. Maury, a friend of mine from college. I havent seen him since we were both in school, but we both play WoW together. I dont see him...does that make him less of a friend? Man. Sorry, had to rant about that.

Been dating on and off...and i dont know what to do. Either im looking for something that doesnt exist(someone who matches all my expectations), im having terrible luck or im just not date-able anymore. I know that sounds real emo and depressing, but if thats the case, im ok with it. Lately, ive dated women who have been great, but other than ONE GLARING THING that just drives me berserk, they would be great. NOw, i know im no great catch, but still. I cant seem to get over these things that just drive me nuts. I cant help but think that i might just have become jaded and bitter after the string of bad relationships ive had...i sure hope its just a phase, cause it seems like every time i date, something dumb as hell gets in the way. Oh well, i guess ill just keep looking.

Dont feel like rambling on anymore. Will try to post more soon.


dd said...

good to see another post. you need to catch the bluebird of happiness. or at least the owl of OK.

*insert annoying picture of a kitten "Hanging In There" here.

Anonymous said...

Don't get into that Seinfeld mindset... she's got man hands... she's got a name that sounds like a body part, she looks like my best friend.... lol. You know she's out there, and will show up at the perfect time. You just gotta keep looking at all the annoying ones first!

Hugs Melly.