Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Record Year?

Its amazing, i never really have a posting schedule anymore, i just post when i have time and/or when something pops up that i think warrants it. Occasionally, ill have some long, meaningful post(at least to me) of which i have one in the pipeline.

However, its looking like this could be a record breaking year in terms of post counts at the wags blog.

2007 - 147 so far
2006 - 139
2005 - 185
2004 - 24(could you tell that this was the year i traveled alot?)
2003 - 147 (tied today!)

So i think i can crank out about 40 more posts this year of quality material. Who knows. At least i think its quality material. if i could hit 200 posts this year, that would be a milestone. I think, however, if one was to do a rating based on word count, this years would be in first place.

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