Monday, August 15, 2005


Im suprised that it took so long for this to catch some national attention, especially since Stand Up came out earlier in the spring, however, the fact that the official Stand Up website instructs those who want to put the album on an ipod must rip the songs, burn a CD, then re-rip it, essentially stripping the tracks of all DRM. This has been a big loophole for Apple's DRM since the music store launched, and while i know DMB will catch some flak for being the one to vocally support it, i think it is a fair request to have iTunes "support" WMA format. I think they should still sell songs and use the AAC format as their standard, since to me it sounds better, has more options for information(album art, chapter tracks, etc).

Who knows, read the article below for more information.

Dave Matthews Band Offers Copy Protection Circumvention; Asks Apple to Support WMA || iPodObserver

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