Friday, August 03, 2007

Slow week

Well, not so much slow, but very busy at work. Boss out on vacation normally means its going to be a slow week, but i have tons of work to do this week.

My WoW Paladin will be 70 this weekend. Hard to believe that the first character i ever created in the game(besides the mage i deleted at level 3) is actually going to hit level 70 and start raiding. He has his epic charger mount, decent gear and is accumulating decent reputation with the key factions. Pretty amazing. After leveling a Shadow Priest and Warlock to 70...leveling a paladin was kinda rough. Lack of damage was kinda boring. However, i found that switching from a retribution build to a holy build actually made leveling go FASTER and EASIER. Who knew?

Blizzcon is this weekend. Im excited for a new expansion, but if there is a level cap going to be kind of disappointed. Its basically saying that raids are only for the top tier raiding guilds, and who cares if 90% of players cant see TK, SSC, BT or Hyjal. Disappointing.

Watched the new Babylon 5 Movie, The Lost Tales. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. While it was nice to see Boxlietner back playing sheridan and seeing the new CG work done that made the station look incredible...while not out of place.....It seemed very low budget. I liked Babylon 5 because of the interaction of the characters and the locations, especially the station and the White Star ships. This one was filmed all on green screen, and was mostly just closeups of 2 people talking. The starfury sequence in the 2nd episode was good...but i wanted to see more of the station again, see more of the old cast and see stories that actually had different story lines, rather than just one static one for 30 minutes.

This post was going to be a short excuse of a post saying why i hadnt said anything worthwhile all week. Guess it was more than that. One last thing. Im hooked on Huey Lewis and the News lately. Its all ive been listening to on my iPhone. So awesome!

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