Monday, March 12, 2007

Lengthy Update

Alot has happened recently...but I haven't been feeling very verbose or outgoing lately. Spending a lot of time thinking. Made some pretty big decisions...i guess not BIG in the real world sense, but big to me.

1. Im nowhere close to ready to date again. Dated a sweetheart of a girl for a few weeks...and im just too closed off after whats happened in the past. Since i cant even talk about it IRL, i don't feel that comfortable talking about it here. Its odd...i used to be a very open person, talk about over the past year i can tell im just shutting down in more aspects than i should. Maybe its just a phase...maybe its not. At any rate...either its me or i just haven't found the right person yet, but i know im just a liability in a relationship.

2. The Aretaics is no mo. I just didn't have the time/energy in me to run a guild, and the stress of keeping an active, effective raiding roster has taken a toll on my mood, my patience and my sanity. No officers wanted to take over as GM, so we decided to disband it rather than just hand it over to someone. It was formed on some pretty lofty ideals and goals and for the most part, we achieved them. Building a community is tough work and keeping a community is A LOT of work. I spent a lot of time...probably too much time...over the past year or so building and running the guild. People loved it and were very loyal. We had our share of asshats, but all guilds do. Lots of good memories. Lots of good friends. I just need to get back to basics with WoW. I need to play to have fun instead of trying to be a dad/sheep herder like i have been for the past 2 years. Was pretty nice to do a full MC run as our last hurrah...downed ragnaros with a good 60 seconds before the sons spawned and was able to help my buddy Marrow/Ghostridor get his Thunderfury made. Ill miss my friends on Ysera, but i know they will all be ok. Ive joined a guild that is the top horde progression guild on their server with my warlock. A good friend of mine from The Aretaics transferred with me. Haven't decided what to do with my hunter(who is stuck at 61) or my up and coming paladin. Well see, i guess.

Sister and new baby are doing well. Spent some of Saturday out there with them. Emily is getting along with Elyse well from how it seems. I got to spend 2 hours as a bed for little Elyse. Was the most relaxing 2 hours ive had in a LONG time.

My old jank gaming machine is now gone. My old g5 is now gone. Replaced both of them with a 2 x Dual Core 2.66 GHZ Mac Pro. Got the ATI x1900 upgrade as well. Thing SCREAMS. Having a 4 core machine is insane. I saw the true power in this machine when ripping DVDs. What took my G5 5+ hours to do, this thing does in under an hour. It has 1gb of ram in it, and im going to get another gig in a week or so. That should boost the performance up a bit too. I get a little jerkiness in it when im running wow in windowed mode, watching a video, chatting on IM, checking email, chatting on ventrilo and surfing the web all at the same time. :P By jerky i mean i see a tiny bit of load lag in i mean Shattrath.

Battlestar Galactica has now taken the last spot in my show priority list. It had been CSI miami...but with them killing off starbuck and the huge drop in quality over the past season...i dont dig the show like i used to. Im going to see what they do the next 2 weeks with the "cliffhanger"...but unless something major happens, i may not come back to watch it in the fall.

Eh...who am i kidding. Its not like i have anything better to do.


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